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nedeľa 8. januára 2012

Have you ever attended Cuban or Spanish "fiesta"? No? Than you're missing out cool stuff.

Fiesta? Yeah. With Spaniards or Cubans? Hell yeah! 
It goes pretty much like this: A Cuban or Spaniard lives abroad. But he has a loads of friends EVERYWHERE. And I mean it. There are so many Cubans here on Slovakia and I had not been aware of this fact until my mom started dating one. Now that he's been living with us for quite some time, there are always parties at our house, whether with two or twenty people. And I am not exaggerating. Sometimes, he just goes out and makes friends. Just like that, and he doesn't even talk Slovak or English that well. 
Then, out of nowhere, he has more friends in this country than me and I was born here.
But those parties are great. If you love cultural diversity and all that stuff that goes with it, you are very likely to like these parties as well. 

Even though when the party is supposed to start at let's say two o'clock, mostly the guests arrive at three or four o'clock. So in the beginning everybody is just talking quietly to the person next to him or her and sipping wine or rhum or beer or vodka or something that has alcohol in it. And everyone eats. (The best is when there's the Cuban meal- yucca, rice with red bean, beef and I don't know what, I'm not an expert)
As the time goes by, the atmosphere becomes relaxed and everyone's at ease, laughing and talking quite loudly. Then the music starts playing- either a radio, stereo player or real rhytms- and sometimes they start singing. There's so much joy in all that singing and whatnot! 

This is basically my experience. But when we traveled to Spain and were invited to such a party, it was all the same! Wine, wine, music, singing, wine, full house, good mood. 
Totally worth to experience!
<3 :)

sobota 31. decembra 2011

Christmas time, New Year´s Eve and what I had the chance to experience (:

Like a true blogger, I kinda have the urge to write something that I think (and hope) I have learned this year. Maybe because it's the end of the year, the right time to make New Year's resolutions (that'll last for maybe two weeks, if at all, but we shall see, bwhahaha). Maybe because I believe every one of us has different stories to tell, and these are mine.
SO. 2011. I don't really approve of those general statements such as ''It's been a great year'' or ''It's been a crappy year''. I do not believe in generalization. 

Personally, I got to experience many new things. And life is a constant change, right? I like changes. 

  • A week before my birthday (which is in March) I went to Italy with my mother and sister. We were accomodated in a cute little hotel in the hearth of a town called Bormio. There was no snow down there, but the higher you went, the more it snowed (thankfuly). While I would have liked to ride a snowboard, I couldn't, so I was skiing. But it was a satisfaction; the slopes were great and the weather was considerably good most of the time. One thing you definitely have to try when in Italy (and skiing or snowboarding): Bombardino. Yumm! Really warms you up. And it is worth to go shopping in a near-by town Livigno. I love you, Italy! 
  • As I am a big fan of many bands and good music, I like to attend concerts; but there aren't that many good concerts here. Anyhow, I was happy enough to attend three great concerts this year; and all of them were truly amazing! First one was the concert of my favourite band Epica in one of the clubs in our city called Majestic Music Club.
    The second one took place in the same club and it was a concert of band named Kamelot. The gig was enthralling. To see the third one we had to travel to Prague and it was situated in a small club or bar or whatever it is. We met the band (Theatres Des Vampires) before the concert! 
  • At the beginning of June we set out to explore a bit of the country of Spain. And we were lucky enough to visit Monaco, too, and see its harbour with all the expensive yachts and also the famous casino Monte Carlo. In Spain, we lived in a hotel called Don Juan in the city of Lloret de Mar. I must say Barcelona is a really beautiful city with lots of historical buildings and parks and shops and restaurants and bars and cafes and everything.
  • The dearest of all those experiences occured on last Thursday in June. One of my dreams came true- my dear mama bought us airline tickets to Florida! Sure, I did know it in advance; nevertheless, it was the best day of the whole year. I've been dreaming of travelling to USA since I was ten years old, so voila, there I was, a ''little alien I was a legal alien, I was a Slovak woman in Miami'' and I was sincerely the happiest girl in the world. And I'm feeling sorry for my friends and family because they have to listen to my neverending babble about what I've seen in the U.S. and why I love the country so much.
  • During summer vacation, me, my sister and our friend Suza, we packed a tent, sleeping bags and warm clcothes, took the train and enjoyed two days full of music and rhytms and fun. It was the second time of a festival named Grape, located on a small airport that is normally used for army purposes. 
  • My sister turned 20 in November and she celebrated it twice (like a boss!); once with friends and the second time with family. Both parties were super cool. With friends, we celebrated from twilight till dawn (literally). The second celebration was a pre-New Year's Eve celebration (it was on the 30.12.) and it was a sweet little family reunion, first one in years that I enjoyed to the fullest. I was said that I don't seem to be the right type for medicine and that I should rather go for management or whatever. And my five-year-old cousin and three-year-old daughter of our friends were so cute while playing the hide-and-seek! It is so nice to watch the kids to play and form friendships so easily. Seems like I want to have kids in the future, after all... 

It is important to count your blessings. Life isn't easy; I know I know. But it is worth living. And positive thinking helps a lot.. I did not use to believe that but I do now.